What went down with Truitt last week?

Posted on 07/06/09, in Past Tweets on Twitter, by Truitt O'Neal
  • @Bri_Cooley Funny…you would know what an elephant sounds like…Wouldn't you? in reply to Bri_Cooley #
  • too many folks want too much control over others peoples lives. Why is it that we want that type of control? Life is not scripted. #
  • Mike fans!!! Commemorative ticket or Refund? With the average cost of a ticket at $105 which would rather have? Comment – http://tiny.cc/wo #
  • Just when U thought U were out of the hole U turn around. & realize that U just climbed into a bigger one. Deeper & wider than the 1 before. #
  • Papa Mojos is closed tonight but if you wanna hear some great Jazz head to East End Martini Bar in Chapel Hill 9-11pm with Brevan Hampden. #
  • Back out in Chapel Hill at the East End Martini Bar with Breven and Friends for a night a great jazz. Then on to Karaoke at the Ale House. #
  • Ok so I'm just right for this karaoke thing tonight. B52's, Janet, John Michael Montgomery. I think ill do Lisa Lobe "Stay." #
  • heading back to San Francisco for AIDS Walk San Francisco. Will once again walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Faithfully Fit and 4 a Cause. #
  • Are you the best singer or rapper in the triangle area and wanna perform during the Russ Parr Morning Show Bus Tour? http://tiny.cc/russ460 #
  • someone is in a urinal contest with me in the bathroom where they don't belong. Isn't there a meeting in the ladies room hun? #
  • geared up 4 the trip to Atlanta today for some time off & still thinking about Mike Jackson. http://bit.ly/pgpKv #
  • Palin is out…wow. Who really cares? She was out 8 months ago…out of site, out of mind. #
  • Jackson Memorial tickets will be lottery online… http://bit.ly/Dyizd #
  • Wow…NC Jazz Lovers "Yusef and Friends" on UNC TV right now. The late great Yusef Saleem. Never knew about this show. Man I miss him. RIP. #
  • On the road to ATL Live from the Dodge Charger via 85. On my way Miss Arnold. You better have my money!!! #
  • Wow…This is crazy. One of the best 4th of July's EVER. I'm lovin ATL this weekend. Great people and great food. Even better friends. #
  • @DJFlash4eva The mix is hot. Shout out Brotha J and Kat Summers in ATL… in reply to DJFlash4eva #
  • back home from the ATL. Great weekend for the body, mind, & soul. For a while I thought I was alone but with real friends I am never alone. #

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