Tru Writes: Your Parents on Facebook…Great or Not So…

Posted on 05/29/09, in Tru Writes, by Truitt O'Neal

So a few months back I was logged on to Facebook to clean out the enormous amount of invites and emails. While cleaning I clicked on friend requests and low and behold there were two; one from some random (that’s right I didn’t forget a word, I said SOME RANDOM) and the other from a faceless profile with my Dad’s name on it. So like most people I paused and thought about this strange occurrence. So I clicked on the profile and my mouth dropped; It was really my Dad. So the big decision was at hand…Accept or Ignore. If I accept my Dad as a friend, my life becomes privy to all of my thoughts, posts, and silly whims. If I ignore the request, I might put out the wrong message. So about 2 weeks later I approved the request and mentioned the situation to my sister who received the same request a few weeks back and didn’t even think twice about it about adding him. I love my Dad but the thought of him reading my “Robin Givens Needs To Get A Life” post or seeing all of my daily rants was a bit cocerning. Was I wrong to have thought that way? Since adding him It’s been a pretty positive experience.

Point and Case…

This morning I found myself having to bum a ride from my Dad because of my car being repaired. Once again I found myself feeling like that kid at age 12 who missed the bus minus the “You need to get up when I get up so your not late for school” banter. During the conversation my Dad talked about the family and how the family structure works with adequate communication. Right in the middle of the conversation he quotes one of my “Status Posts” from Facebook: “Some People Are Put Into Your Life for Seasons and never meant to be there forever.” I was like wow and shocked that he read that much less remembered it. That wow moment is the catalyst for me writing this post and for the question of the day:

Is having your Parents as Friends on Facebook “Great or Not So?”

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